Communications and Field Service Management

Organizations managing field services often operate on razor thin margins. The economic pressures and high costs of customer retention further deplete the pocketbooks of field services management companies often resulting in reduced scale of operations, lower profits and inefficiencies in processes.  

Only Cheetah LOOP (Logistics Operations Optimization Platform) optimizes operational performance continuously in real time by automating routing, dispatch and customer service allowing our customers to provide more service with less personnel. 

Lack of full visibility into the location and activities of the mobile workforce is one of biggest concerns for companies managing field services.  

Cheetah Mobile connects field workers with dispatch, customer service, management, and customers, in real time, via two-way messaging, dynamic ETA updates, and POD verification. Field efficiency and safety is further improved with voice navigation providing turn-by-turn directions driven by live delivery of service information. Finally, training is reduced through an intuitive touchscreen interface that is standardized across all Android and iOS hand-held devices. 

Customers tell us that before deploying Cheetah they had concerns which includes a lack of flexibility in accommodating change , incorrect estimations of time for job allocations, lack of standardization and working with manual systems.  

Cheetah LOOP automates the planning and dispatch processes by deploying Cheetah’s proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.  Customers tell us this reduces the personnel needed to manage their operations. 

LOOP precision logistics is powered by highly accurate representations of real world constraints and the use of historical data along with current location and time information to predict reliable ETAs.  

Our mobile fleet management solution is easy to install, easy to use, and provides all the critical features field services need to manage and optimize their business. The technical architecture is flexible, scalable, extensible and can easily integrate with existing OMS, WMS, TMS and home grown legacy systems. 

Benefits of using Cheetah Technology

  • Completely Automated Order Planning and Dispatch 
  • Optimized Dynamic Stop Assignment of Routes-in-Progress 
  • Total Real-Time Visibility of Field Worker Location  
  • Constantly Recalculated ETA of Mobile Workforce 
  • Extremely Accurate Order ETAs via Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Algorithms  
  • Real-Time Schedule Adjustments for Changes in the Environment/Driving Conditions 
  • Proactive Customer Notifications 
  • Enhanced Customer Service with Custom Configured Solutions 
  • Driver and Vehicle Performance Monitoring (e.g., Geo fencing at stop, action/speed correlations) 
  • Extensible Integration Backbone Integrates with Multiple Systems 
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“Our goals for implementing the Cheetah Freight solution are to intelligently inject technology into our dispatch management process in order to provide real-time shipment status information to our customers, provide improved decision making tools to our P&D dispatchers, and improve the outbound load planning process. “

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