For a motor carrier to participate and function effectively, the services must meet the same criteria that carriers apply to their selection of fleet technologies; is it cost-effective; and, will it integrate seamlessly with existing technology infrastructure?   For many segments of the industry, the carriers’ customers are rapidly becoming technologically highly integrated organizations requiring seamless information exchange between all parties involved with the business. Despite investments made by transportation carriers to climb up the information ladder, the shippers are not satisfied with the technological sophistication for integration and decision support solutions offered by the carriers.   Keeping the above in view, Cheetah has developed an advanced logistics operations optimization platform that easily integrates with customer systems based on open standards and provides an intelligent framework to convert data into actionable information which can be quickly accessed via reports and dashboards. The system automatically reschedules deliveries respecting all the distribution constraints and adapts routes based on historical data and traffic updates. Any deviation in the plans can be flagged for immediate visibility. All these capabilities are available through a standalone installation or as a SaaS model on our cloud.

Benefits of using Cheetah Technology

  • Increased Shipment Consolidations
  • Gain a Competitive Edge with Higher Asset Utilization
  • Automatically Adapt Schedules by Proactively Responding to Changes in the Environment with Full Visibility
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Customer Systems
  • Dashboarding and Analytics for Informed Decision Making
  • Scalable and Proven Cloud-Based Mobile Location Optimization Platform
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“We researched about twenty vendors and Cheetah came out on top. Cheetah provided us with a one-stop shopping alternative that contained the same advanced functionality as other solutions that would have cost us ten times as much. “

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