Regardless of your operational model, Cheetah has The Right Solution for your routing needs. From shore to door, we are with you every step of the way!

Customer Experience ReEngineered

Are you always the first choice for your customers? Cheetah will work with you to create personalized solutions for your customers. They will never want to go anywhere else.

Operational Optimization

Live synchronized accessible information to optimize the communications and visibility of your organization while optimizing routes, assets, space and personnel across all the nodes in the distribution chain.

Analytics and Supply Chain Consulting

Get better and deeper insights into logistics performance and apply predictive analytics for closing the loop for making better sourcing decisions. Improve your margins and customer satisfaction metrics by driving your supply chain logistics with best practices.

Optimizing Network Sourcing

Consolidating Shippers’ Demand and Carriers’ Supply across the network for better optimization while providing extended, reliable, urgent and responsive network with full visibility into its operations.

Automated Drone Service

Use our drones to deliver faster, better where conventional surface delivery methods fail. Fearlessly embark on reconnaissance missions with advanced 3-D imaging transmitted real time.

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