Cheetah Software Systems recently launched Cheetah Media, a music media division of Cheetah, to develop an independent, viable music creation and publishing division for Cheetah with an emphasis on live performances and music media creation and publishing for video games and media related apps. Cheetah Media’s music and video media has a distinct African flavor that complements Cheetah’s company theme and African roots. Samson Brothers original works will be incorporated into Cheetah’s products for Cheetah Logistics Technology and Cheetah Air for marketing purposes.

Cheetah’s founder was born and raised in South Africa and is convinced that African based rhythms and music themes will continue to be a dominant influence in the USA and worldwide. Over the last year and a half, he identified a young vibrant South African band called Samson Brothers that embodies his vision. Samson Brothers have a long heritage of excellent and distinguished work in composing, producing and live performances in South Africa and internationally. The leader of the band is Matthew Samson (28), who has had a distinguished career with Disney Cruise Lines for over 5 years, with numerous awards while employed by them.

Cheetah is confident that they will be very successful in the USA and seed the Cheetah Media division.

Cheetah anticipates launching the Samson Brothers band in the USA in late August 2019, so they can compose, record, produce, distribute and perform their music in the USA over the next couple of years under the Cheetah Media banner.

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