Operational Optimization

Cheetah Logistics Operations Optimization Platform® (Cheetah LOOP®) has evolved over seven generations and is many years ahead of any other solution in the market. It has solved complex shore to door solutions representing all real-world constraints. From first mile through last mile it dynamically improves the route networks enabling operations optimization to companies large and small.

Starting from our first use of GPS technology in 1987, to our latest Fully Automated Order to Delivery Execution, Cheetah has successfully solved all of the challenges spanning route optimization, personal optimization, and space optimization while integrating all the nodes in the supply chain including multimodal movements.

Our customers have saved millions of dollars in operating cost by reducing driver fleets, miles, fuel, dispatch customer service and other support staff while simultaneously improving customer experience operational reliability and standardizing the network.

With Cheetah LOOP®, you will experience workflow optimization which will minimize the number of routing, dispatch, and customer service staff needed to handle the same number of transactions.

Benefits of using Cheetah Technology

  • Synchronize the Network
  • Reduce Operating Cost While Improving Asset Utilization
  • Increase Speed of Delivery
  • Enable Reliability Across Operations
  • Empower All Users with Live Visibility
  • Notify Customers Automatically Minutes Before Arrival
  • Deliver More with Less Assets and Personnel
How We Can Help You ?
” We have helped world’s leading retailer chains, provide accurate ETAs at the POS and help them deliver on time. During that process we track shipments down to the item level and provide real time visibility. Customers are able to change their time, location down to the minute. “

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