Optimizing Network Sourcing

If you have a delivery fleet or want to build a delivery fleet, CheetahNow is a web based ready to use platform to identify and build your own extended delivery network, using technology as a backbone for dynamic resource allocation. Conversely, as a logistics services provider, you can pool the demand in the network to leverage your assets and drivers for better utilization. White label uber like technology platform that can be launched immediately

3 easy steps:

  • Get drivers to use Cheetah Mobile app
  • Assign jobs to the drivers real time
  • Provide full operational visibility and analytics to dispatchers and route planners

Unlike all other crowdsourcing platforms, Cheetah also leverages its optimization engines to provide route optimization in addition to sourcing the right driver in the network. This ensures that the service is not limited to point-to-point deliveries and provides an optimized route to each driver in the CheetahNow network.   Since Cheetah LOOP® supports first mile, last mile and every leg in between, the platform can be used for crowdsourcing of Linehaul, LTL or local delivery providers.

Benefits of using Cheetah Technology

  • Synchronize Demand and Supply
  • Enable Scalability
  • Offer Professional Delivery Network at Low Cost
  • Urgent and Responsive Network
  • Consolidated Demand Visibility
  • Reduce Deadhead and Empty Back-hauls
  • Dynamic Job Assignment
  • Driver Settlement
  • Real-Time Job Pricing and Customer Billing
How We Can Help You ?
“Our goals for implementing the Cheetah Freight solution are to intelligently inject technology into our dispatch management process in order to provide real-time shipment status information to our customers, provide improved decision making tools to our P&D dispatchers, and improve the outbound load planning process. “

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