Cheetah’s routing software is an Internet-based system that in most cases doesn’t require additional hardware beyond a regular Windows PC and a 19″ monitor. The software is hosted by Cheetah in state-of-the-art data centers on world class hardware from IBM, CISCO, F5, and others, and is accessed through the Internet with security features to protect your company’s data.

Our software solutions are built with cutting edge technologies and techniques which allow us to run across a large number of mobile devices and desktops. By designing our platform and systems for growth, we can be ready as you grow your business. We operate across all wireless data carriers so our customers can run mixture of different carriers in different regions. Our mobile platform runs on off the shelf Android and Apple devices which allows implementation with “BYOD”, keeping costs down. We offer open standards, ease of integration, with heterogeneous and diverse platforms, n-tier architecture optimized for managing transactions. We provide a robust and reliable platform so you don’t have to think about anything else but running your business.

Contact us for exact pricing on a system that will be specifically tailored for your needs. Full stand-alone systems are also available for companies who desire a complete, self-contained in-house system.

Cheetah Coordinates, Consolidates and Optimizes your Operations

  • Dispatch Automation
  • Manages pickup and delivery orders
  • Dispatcher Consolidation
  • Creates and maintains routes
  • Planning includes deliveries, scheduled pickups and dynamic pickup and deliveries
  • Assigns and maintains drivers, stops and appointment times
  • Supports local and remote depots/warehouses
  • Supports multiple, independent carriers at the same site
  • Supports distributed and centralized routing
  • Dynamic driver work areas
  • Customer appointments and driver preferences
  • Equipment and driver service types
  • Out of sequence dynamic route re-optimization
  • Driver Directions
  • Increased Route Productivity
  • Reduced Fleet Costs
  • Satisfied Customers

For more information visit our Platform page.

How We Can Help You ?
” We have helped world’s leading retailer chains, provide accurate ETAs at the POS and help them deliver on time. During that process we track shipments down to the item level and provide real time visibility. Customers are able to change their time, location down to the minute. “

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