Cheetah routing software is an Internet-based system that in most cases doesn’t require additional hardware beyond a regular Windows PC and a 19″ monitor. The software is hosted on Cheetah’s servers and accessed through the Internet with security features to protect your company’s data. Contact Cheetah Software for exact pricing on a system that will be specifically tailored for your needs. Full stand-alone systems are also available for companies who desire a complete, self-contained in-house system.

Specialty Features:

  • Route Planning and Tracking
  • Dispatch
  • Mobile Application
  • Navigation
  • Customer Service
  • Administration

Additional Benefits

  • SaaS
  • Rapid Implementation:
  • Software Upgrades:
  • No IT Hiring:
  • Nominal Upfront Costs:
  • Seasonal Flexibility:
  • No additional computer hardware required for most companies
How We Can Help You ?
” We have helped world’s leading retailer chains, provide accurate ETAs at the POS and help them deliver on time. During that process we track shipments down to the item level and provide real time visibility. Customers are able to change their time, location down to the minute. “

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