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With augmented real-time decision making support, Cheetah’s proprietary algorithms can be used to optimize the supply chain pipeline, from planning to autonomous transport.

Cheetah’s LOOP Platform is a scalable data-driven application for automating pickups and delivery of freight, individual items, business processes and a wide range of complex but repeatable tasks that require large amount of input data. The platform consists of multiple componentthat share information and can easily communicate with external systems.. The systems excel at dynamically adjusting to changing conditions and circumstances created by travel variability, customer and order changes and other real time changes that affect customer service levels so you can deliver more by instantly and automatically adapting to change.

Providing the data and communications infrastructure of a smart, state-driven logistics operating system to meet the demands and complexity of real time supply chain dynamics.  It is aware of the state of each order in its lifecycle and the relevant client-specific business rules relating to the order for automated handling. It ensures that the workflow dynamics encountered in real-time are conveyed to the appropriate personnel at the right time.

Cheetah’s propriety algorithms are designed with machine learning to provide you with a real-time, end-to-end view of your supply chain. Alerts are automatically generated when disruption does occur to bring together the right members of the supply chain team to resolve the issue. Providing the team with the most relevant information to help resolve problems – including insight into the orders affected, recommendations for best resolution including visibility and the potential financial impact. With these insights and recommendations issues can be resolved before they impact customer orders. Every resolution is archived so it can be retrieved and recommended the next time a similar disruption occurs.

Cheetah: real-time information across departments

No matter where a delivery is in its lifecycle, its location and status can be precisely pinpointed and adjusted–the real-time information advantage of the Cheetah delivery tracking and routing software system.

Additional Benefits

  • Customer Support
  • SaaS
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Software Upgrades
  • No IT Hiring
  • Nominal Upfront Costs
  • Seasonal Flexibility
  • No additional computer hardware required for most companies
How We Can Help You ?
” At our larger delivery terminals, Cheetah Route Optimization has reduced the time spent by route planners as much as 50% compared to our prior manual processes.  The Cheetah Team has been very flexible with implementing configuration changes to support our business needs.  Providing the Cheetah routing engine with accurate shipment data provides us with efficient routes which in turn produce great service to our customers and productivity from our drivers.   Cheetah Works!. “

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