Our Software

Cheetah route planning and visibility software integrates seamlessly with existing order entry, point-of-sale, inventory, warehouse, accounting and many other systems. Once an order is entered, Cheetah Delivery manages the entire pickup and delivery process while sending real-time status and event updates to backend systems.

Cheetah coordinates, consolidates and optimizes your operations

  • Dispatch Automation
  • Driver Directions
  • Dispatcher Consolidation
  • Increased Route Productivity
  • Reduced Fleet Costs
  • Satisfied Customers

Cheetah: real-time information across departments

FedEx and UPS have set the industry standard by utilizing sophisticated real-time delivery, tracking, and routing software systems. No matter where a delivery is in its lifecycle, its location and status can be precisely pinpointed and adjusted–the real-time information advantage of the Cheetah delivery tracking and routing software system.

How We Can Help You ?
” We have helped world’s leading retailer chains, provide accurate ETAs at the POS and help them deliver on time. During that process we track shipments down to the item level and provide real time visibility. Customers are able to change their time, location down to the minute. “

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