We call our platform LOOP ( Logistics Operations Optimization Platform ) and it covers the Logistics space from A to Z, including First Mile, Last Mile, Healthcare, Retail, Intermodal, Courier, Delivery, Freight, Truckload and LTL, 3rd Party Carriers for Hire and Private Fleets and it both accurately and realistically models current logistics supply chains. This platform is the result of 30 years of research and development and here is what it can do for you: 

  • LOOP Optimization engines seamlessly guide the logistics process; Planning, dynamically managing, adapting and optimizing fleets and drivers.
  • You will use fewer trucks, drive fewer miles and make more on-time deliveries while predicting and providing visibility on extremely accurate arrival times and ETA’s.
  • Plan and Adapt, live and automatically, to changing operational conditions, including traffic, weather, accidents, customer cancellations, new stop-insertion, relays and driver exceptions
  • Customers, Store Managers and Corporate teams have a real time, live view of the entire network and delivery performance for all customers, allowing companies to be operationally proactive rather than reactive with Cheetah Live.
  • Sophisticated routing algorithms, system flexibility, a plethora of data sources and live, adaptive automation makes Cheetah the most advanced and efficient practical logistics platform in the market today
  • Deliver in the shortest time possible to customers for unparalleled return on investment and value for your money.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint while helping the environment

Automated Real-time end-end workflow and asset optimization

400+ active monitors track real-time availability, capacity and performance of the systems. Any issues and warning alerts are sent to our support team for review.
How We Can Help You ?
” We have helped world’s leading retailer chains, provide accurate ETAs at the POS and help them deliver on time. During that process we track shipments down to the item level and provide real time visibility. Customers are able to change their time, location down to the minute. “

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